IIT Delhi Placement Season Concludes – 1100+ Job Offered IIT Delhi, Academic Year 2019-2020


IIT Delhi Placement Season Concludes – 1100+ Job Offered IT Delhi, Academic Year 2019-2020: The placement season at IIT Delhi for the academic year 2019-2020 culminated surpassing the previous year benchmarks with 1100+ job offers (includes multiple job offers and pre-placement offers) to the students from various national and international organizations.

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IIT Delhi Placement, Academic Season 2019-2020

Approximately 85.6% of undergraduate and postgraduate students who availed placement services of the institute got placed. The remaining students pursued other opportunities, such as higher education, study, civil service review, start-ups or jobs through their own contacts and efforts.

Over 430 organizations had registered for the placement season in the academic year 2019-2020 offering 600+ job profiles. Throughout the pandemic, the second phase of internships began in online mode, and about 100 students were also given work opportunities during this online period.

Professor S. Dharmaraja, Head, OCS, IIT Delhi said

IIT Delhi smashed all previous year’s job placement records. This year, it was observed that the no. of placement offers increased by 4 percent. This was made possible by teamwork, creative approach, and understanding of students ‘ skills and the different profiles of core companies.

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