GK Quiz on Parliament System in India


Q.1 ‘Parliament Government’ is also known as….?


A. Responsible Government

B. Cabinet Government

C. Westminister Forms of Government

D. All of the above

Q.2 Which of the following is not the merit of the Presidential System?


A. Limited Representation

B. Permanent Government

C. Confirmation in Policies

D. Government by Experts

Q.3 Which of the following statements is not correct?


A. Presidential system is based on double executive

B. Article 74 and 75 provides a parliamentary system in the center

C. According to the 42nd and the 44th amendment, it is compulsory for the president to comply with the advice of the council of ministers.

D. According to the article 74th, the council of ministers works under the leadership of the prime minister.

Q.4 Which of the following characteristics is not related yo Parlimanets Governments?


A. Collective Liability

B. Single Executive

C. Resolution of lower house

D. Leadership of the Prime Minister

Q.5 Which of the following characteristics is not related to the federal government?


A. Independent Judiciary

B. Written Constitution

C. Flexible Constitution

D. Supremacy of the Constitution

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