Academic Year 2020 -21: Education Ministry presented its case before Parliament Panel.


Academic Year 2020 -21: Education Ministry presented its case before Parliament Panel: The academic year is concerned with the closure of colleges and higher education institutions around the country due to the high impact of the Corona Virus. The Ministry of Education of the Union answered the concerns of a ‘zero year’ academic year 2020-21. The Ministry told the Parliamentary Panel that in the near future, it is hoped that it will conduct classes and also hold exams. In a meeting held on Monday, the Ministry of Education addressed its case to the Parliament Panel stating that, according to the information provided by sources, it is also attempting to perform exams by the end of the session. The meeting was attended by the School Education Minister, Higher Education Secretary, UGC Chairman, and other Education Ministry officials, who briefed the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources on their efforts to streamline school-level and higher education for students across the country in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerns about Online class and its learning outcomes.

Parliamentary Panel Chairman Vinay Sahasrabuddhe also questioned officials at the Ministry of Education about the viability of conducting online classes for students and their effectiveness in learning outcomes. The panel said the ministry needs to consider the viability of online classes for poor families who are unable to afford mobile phones or laptops. Panel also said it would be difficult for students to get access to online education in poor communities where there could be only one laptop or cell phone.

Cost Effective Learning Methods

As a possible solution, The HRD Parliamentary Panel also recommended that the Ministry hire community radio and transistors to provide online classes for the students. Using this approach will prove to be cost-effective in comparison with cell phones, can be made available to poor students. In addition, the panel also proposed that departments within the ministry would compile a “large question bank” of all student subjects that can be circulated among them to help them prepare for the next session’s exams. It will help resolve the problem of exam management and ease the tension and fear among students in the midst of this epidemic of coronavirus.

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